the perfect wedding day survival kit

A wedding day survival kit is one of those things you don’t know you need until you need it – and then it’s too late. I’ve compiled a list of 60 items to ensure you don’t forget a thing!

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Pocket Kleenex

This personal pack of kleenex are great to have for everyone. You never know when you’ll need it!

Single Serve Hydration Packets

Your wedding day is going to fly by, and it’s sometimes hard to remember to stay hydrated (espeically if you are drinking!) So these are great to have in the morning while you’re getting ready and the morning after.


No one wants to get stuck with a headache, so having these personal packs of advil for everyone can be a life saver.


You’ll be up close and personal with a lot of people on your big day- so make sure your breath stays minty fresh!


No dry lips allowed on your wedding day!

Lint Roller

Lint rollers for everyone! Espeically if you have a furry friend joining you on your big day. 

Bug Spray

If any part of your wedding is outdoors, make sure to have this on hand. You don’t want any pesky bugs ruining the mood.

First aid kit

Hopefully you won’t need this, but better safe than sorry!


In the off chance it rains on your wedding day, these clear umbrellas are great if you still want to head outside and take photos!

Phone Charger

Having an extra long charger for people to use is a great idea. Everyone will likely be on their phone a lot during the day, and this is often one thing a lot of people forget to bring!

Polaroid Camera

Capture some fun memories and the in between moments with a polaroid camera! This can also be fun to use for your guests as a photo book.

Tide To Go

Stains are inevitable. Make sure you’re prepared with these stain remover sticks.

Bluetooth Speaker

A portable buetooth speaker for the morning of can help get you guys amped up and in a good mood! Turn up the tunes and have a good time- You’re getting married!

Extension Cord

If your getting ready space has limited outlets, you may want to snag one or two of these to make sure there’s enough outlets for your beauty team and for chragers!


Wrinkles are bound to happen when transporting dress clothes. Having a steamer on hand will be extremely handy!

Safety Pins

Safety pins are one of those odd things that you don’t realize you need until it’s too late. These can be used for a ton of different things- so do yourself a favor and just get a pack of different sizes!


Have a variety of snacks available for everyone throughout the day. You likely won’t be eating much until dinner so it’s important to keep quick snacks around. 


Make sure to have a pen (or 3!) with you. You’ll be signing checks, a marriage license, and it’s always a scramble to find someone with a pen!


Solemates Heel Savers

Have these handy for you and your bridemsaids, especially if you are getting married somewhere where you’ll be walking on a lot of grass.

Oil Blotting Papers

You’ll be moving around a lot on your wedding day, so to help cut down on oil & shine- keep these handy!

Mini Sewing Kit

If any mishaps happen to yours our your bridesmaids dresses, you’ll be happy you have this mini sewing kit with you! Make sure to get one with sicissors too!

Bobby Pins

Have a few of these with you or nearby in case you need to fix any rouge hairs.

Getting Ready Outfit

You’ll likely be photographed the morning of your wedding while getting ready, so choose something that you feel comfotable in! Make sure it buttons as well so you don’t have to pull it over your head when it’s time to put your dress on

Comfy Slippers

Having some comfy slippers or slip on shoes are awesome for the morning of your wedding (and the next morning!) 


Make sure to grab your favorite lotion to put on before you put on your dress! 

Small clutch

Keep a small clutch with you with your make up touch ups, a stain stick, and some extra bobby pins

Large Tote Bag

You’ll have a lot of stuff to bring with you to your venue, so stick it in a cute bag that will be easily identifiable amung the others!

Drink Cup

Whether there’s water or a mimosa in your cup- make sure you’re drinking in style

Dress Hanger

Your dress will likely come on a plastic hanger,  if you are wanting photographs of your dress prior to putting it on, make sure to grab a more stylish hanger for it

Ring Wipes

Giving your ring a good cleaning the night before or the morning is always a good idea!

Hair Spray

Your hairstylist will spray your hair, but its a good idea to have some extra hairspray for touch ups later on in the day

Makeup Remover Wipes

You’ll want to take off all your makeup at the end of the night, and that hotel soap won’t do the trick. Make sure to have some makeup remover wipes handy in your overnight bag!


Grab your favorite deodorant in travel size! You may want to bring it with you or have it near in case you need to reapply throughout the day/night

Crochet Hook

If your dress has buttons on the back, save your loved ones fingers and bring a crochet hook with you. This handy tool makes doing the buttons a breeze!

Double Stick Fashion Tape

Just in case you need to tape anything down!


Qtips are great for taking care of any make-up smudges without runining the rest of your make-up

Compact Mirror

Have a small mirror with you for touch ups on the go!

Vow Books

Write your vows in a book instead of on a random piece of paper! They are more durable, stylish, and they look better when you are reading from them during your ceremony.



Whatever you do, don’t forget this one. You’ll be moving around a lot on your wedding day and no one wants to hug a smelly groom!


You’ll be getting face to face with a lot of people on your wedding day, make sure to have this handy for after when you have snacks or drinks.


Make sure to have an extra pair or two of cufflinks in case you or your groomsmen need some!

Beard Comb

Make sure to comb out your beard the morning of!

Beard Oil

This will help your bread feel and look smooth and makes sure it smells nice. Your partner will thank you!

Dress socks

Have a pair or two on hand, just make sure they aren’t white!


Custom cups

Getting custom cups for all of your bridesmaids is an easy gift and one they will appreciate. Not only will it help keep things organized the morning of, but they can use it long after your wedding day!

Tote Bags

Your bridesmaids will be bringing a lot of stuff the morning of- so help them out by giving them custom bags to bring it all in!

Zipper pouch

To help keep makeup or other personal belongings organized- these zipper pouches are also a great gift!


Providing your bridal party with sunglasses can be helpful and provide a few fun photo opportunities. 


Giving your bridesmaids jewelry to wear on your big day is a great way to say “Thanks!” 


Slippers or comfy shoes for the morning of is a game changer. You guys probably won’t want to be barefoot, and you won’t want anyone wearing dirty shoes around while you’re getting dressed. 

Drink Koozie

Drink koozies are always a hit!

Morning of Outfit

Help make things look cohesive and stylish for your getting ready photos by giving your girls matching outfits or robes to get ready in. 


Everyone loves a good candle! This is an easy way to say “thank you” that won’t break the bank. 


Bottle Opener

These custom bottle openers are awesome. Your groomsmen will appreciate something they can use long after your wedding day. 


Matching watches are always a hit with the guys.


Who doesn’t love a good flask? Ditch the cheap one you’ve all had since college and get them something more stylish.

Dress socks

Providing your groomsmen with dress socks will help make sure everyone is coordinating. Just make sure you don’t get white!

Can Coozie

Another awesome gift that can be used long after your wedding day!


Getting your guys sunglasses is not only helpful, but it also provides fun photo opportunities. 

Custom Knives

These custom knives are awesome and are always a fan-favorite among the groomsmen. 

Can Koozies

Help keep everyone’s drinks in order by giving them these can koozies!

Custom Glass

These beer glasses are incredible and a great way for your guys to always remember your big day and how much you appreciate them.

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