the reveal party

What the heck is a reveal party?


Wouldn’t you be a little upset if I simply emailed you a link to your online gallery with all of your photos and basically said, “Here you go!”?

I know I would be!

The reveal party is an in-person or virtual meeting where you get to experience your photos together for the first time (instead of looking at them on your bathroom break at work).

  • At my home studio located in York, PA
  • Experience your photos on a 65″ 4K TV
  • Touch and see handcrafted heirloom albums, wall art, and more
  • Homemade chocolate chip cookies (my personal favorite part of the experience)
  • Choice of beer, wine, champagne, soda, or water
  • Lots of love and attention from Chloe and Shrimp
  • Via Zoom
  • Experience your photos on whatever screen size you have
  • Watch me fumble around as I show you handcrafted heirloom albums, wall art, and more
  • Wear sweatpants or no pants at all – I’ll never know!
  • Choice of whatever beverage is in your refrigerator
  • Hopefully, you’ll get an on-screen appearance from Chloe and Shrimp
The Process 
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Who doesn’t love craft beer (or wine) and chocolate chip cookies?!

Before we get started, let’s celebrate our memories together by sharing a drink and some cookies.

You deserve it!

Experience Your Slideshow

Sit back and watch your slideshow which will take you back to all of those amazing moments.

Be sure to grab some tissues beforehand because you’re going to need them!

View Your Story

Digital files don’t tell a story – albums do.

I’ll do all of the hard work of designing your album so you only have to decide which memories you want in it!

View Your Gallery

I’ll walk you through how to use your online gallery so you don’t have to do any guesswork. I’ll demonstrate how to download, favorite, and order photos straight from your online gallery.

Customize & Finalize

You’ve seen your slideshow, album design, and online gallery.

Take Care of the Invoice
Relax & Celebrate
Enjoy Your Tangible Heirlooms

Here are a few things you should know before we meet…

  • 95% of my couples purchase prints, wall art, or an album from their engagement session and/or wedding. You got all done up. We spent a lot of time together. Let’s preserve your memories in a tangible way so you can remember why you’re on this amazing adventure of life together.
  • On average, couples spend between $1500-3000 on their album and products (wall art, folio box, prints, etc.).
  • There will be specials available (they are always rotating based on what my vendors are offering) but they are only valid during the reveal party. Some specials only last 24 hours so I have to be able to order your artwork immediately to get you the discount. It (literally) pays to be prepared to make a decision at the reveal party so have a discussion about what you’re comfortable spending before our meeting.


What you should know about your album

  • When you booked with me, you received a specific number of pages that were included as part of your album. You can find that number in your contract.
    • For example, if you go with a 100 page album (which many couples do) and you received 40 pages per your contract, you’ll only be responsible for paying for the additional 60 pages.
  • I predesign your album based on what I think aesthetically looks best and tells the story of your day in the most logical way. In other words, I don’t consider how many pages you have included. I simply design what I think is the perfect wedding album for the two of you.
  • Additional spreads (two pages – left and right sides) are $100 each (plus tax).
  • Things you don’t have to worry about paying extra for includes:
    • Handcrafted pine album box (to protect your heirloom)
    • Choice of cover material (acrylic, leather, or metal)
    • Thicker pages
    • Retouching of all photos included in your album
    • High resolution digital files of the retouched photos from your album
    • Delivery or shipping of your album
  • In other words, the only thing you pay extra for are the additional spreads/pages. That’s it. Everything else is included and there are no hidden costs.

all of this starts at only $3900

most couples add on…

Second Photographer

95% of my couples have a second photographer on their wedding day because of how important they are. A second photographer is so important that I wrote an entire article about it so be sure to check it out.

The Loose Booth

A fresh and modern take on the photo booth that does photos and boomerangs. Yup, boomerangs baby!
It’s portable and guests instantly receive their memories via text, e-mail, and AirDrop.
The Loose Booth is the perfect wedding favor for your guests!

Parent Albums

Parent albums are exact duplicates of your wedding album so each side of your family has a copy of your story. They make phenomenal gifts to thank your families for all of their help with the wedding or just to show them how important they are to you.

Wall Art

Your wedding album tells your story. Your wall art is a daily reminder of your love and story. There’s literally no better feeling than walking by your happiest memories every day and it’s truly the gift that keeps giving.