Kristi & Mike - Central Park Engagement

It's not every day that you get to shoot an engagement session in Central Park. It's basically a dream for a photographer that doesn't get to frequent the area as much as they would like to. We had the most perfect weather and Kristi and Mike's love for each other was as clear as the skies that day. This is a classic example of why it's so important that your engagement session location is meaningful to you. Stay tuned for their wedding at the Cork Factory Hotel in less than two weeks!

Alessa & Jordan - Jersey City Engagement

I've been really fortunate to have a bunch of clients from the New York City area recently and they've been awesome enough to take me to NYC to capture their engagement sessions. Alessa and Jordan wanted to start their engagement session at their apartment and then head over to Riverview Park to capture some shots with the skyline. I've never done a "lifestyle" engagement session and was admittedly a little nervous about it but all of that went away when I saw how natural and fun loving Alessa and Jordan were together. I had a great time getting to know them and am looking forward to their wedding this fall in Baltimore.

Featured: Carolyn & Jon's Wedding

Carolyn and Jon's wedding day was so perfect but yet also a total disaster (when it came to the weather). Thankfully, it held off when we needed it to (for the most part) but I had to get really creative as we were confined to the barn for a lot of the evening. I created this shot in the corner of the barn and it's by far one of my favorite images that I've ever taken. Apparently, HuffPost Weddings liked it as well and published it!

Carolyn & Jon - Prospect Valley Farm Wedding

The weather theme of this summer seems to be insanely hot with totally random but intense thunderstorms. Carolyn and Jon's wedding day weather was exactly that but it didn't put a damper on anything as everyone was in such good spirits. We were able to do the first look, Carolyn and Jon's pictures, the wedding party pictures, ceremony, and family pictures before the skies let loose and confined everyone inside the barn for a bit. We all got totally soaked but no one was complaining and the rest of the evening turned out perfectly. The weather cleared up towards the end of the night and Carolyn and Jon had their glow stick exit. This was my first glow stick exit and I have to say that I really enjoy them. The colors just pop! Congrats Carolyn and Jon!

Addy & Nathan - Historic Shady Lane Wedding

Addy & Nathan

May 28, 2016

Historic Shady Lane

York, PA

I was looking forward to this day since I first met with Addy and Nathan. They are two of the nicest people ever and I loved how much Addy was into pictures. Nathan - well not quite so much! The wedding day was hot but beautiful and it all went down flawlessly at the incredible Historic Shady Lane. My favorite moment of the day by far was the first look that Addy did with her father. She's actually the first bride of mine to do it and I certainly hope not the last. Congrats Addy and Nathan!

Featured: Nastassia & Henry's Wedding

A huge congrats to Nastassia and Henry as their photo was used as the main image that HuffPost Weddings shared on their Facebook page! While I've been fortunate enough to be featured a few times, I've never had one of my images be the main one. It's very well deserved as Nastassia and Henry are one of the sweetest couples and their wedding at Historic Shady Lane was magical!

Nastassia & Henry - Historic Shady Lane Wedding

They say that it's lucky if it rains on your wedding day and that couldn't have been truer for Nastassia and Henry's wedding at Historic Shady Lane. While the weather decided to be a bit bipolar throughout the day, it thankfully let up for a little bit at points and we were able to use the beautiful grounds at Historic Shady Lane. Every wedding is different but has an overall main theme and that was definitely friends and family for this wedding. I always love seeing how families  and friends intertwine as two different groups of people become one to support the couple. Congrats Nastassia and Henry!

Megan & Adam - Chickie's Rock Engagement

Megan & Adam

May 20, 2016

Chickie's Rock

Columbia, PA

Megan and Adam are two of the most down to Earth people you'll ever meet. They traveled all the way from Philly and we lucked out with some perfect weather. We ended up hiking (and I mean HIKING) a few miles during their engagement session but it was all worth it for the beautiful backdrop that Chickie's Rock provided. Megan and Adam were up for absolutely anything and even got into the creek for a few shots. I always encourage to my clients to push the envelope so we can capture some epic pictures and this engagement session was full of them. These two really got it popping at the end of the session! Stay tuned for more from their October wedding at the Abington Art Center!

Featured: Heather & Andrew's Wedding

Sam and Josh were the stars last week but Heather and Andrew are the new stars this week! We waited until later in the evening to go out for a night shot and the clouds just looked incredible. Check them out at #5 at the link below!

Heather & Andrew - Historic Shady Lane Wedding

I don't even know how to write about this day because it was just that emotional and incredible. Heather and Andrew are two of the sweetest people you'll ever meet and their friends and family were no different. Heather and Andrew both looked stunning and Historic Shady Lane provided the perfect backdrop for an amazing day. They left plenty of time in their day for getting ready, first look, wedding party, and portrait pictures which always makes me happy and ensures that I can deliver the best photography possible throughout the day. I can't thank Heather and Andrew for enough for allowing me to capture their special day and wish them nothing but the best in the future!


Venue: Historic Shady Lane
Make Up Artist: Veronica Lugo
Florist: Hammaker's Flower Shop
Caterer: Beefalo Bob's
Cake/Dessert: Pennsylvania Bakery
DJ: Provolve Entertainment